The second life of the ‘Hercules’

Floating industrial heritage of seagoing shipping and Dutch ship building

Mid January 1979 mr. G.C. Boekweit bought the steamtug ‘Hercules’ and a new era was reached for the vessel. She was registered under official number '7791 z amst 1979' and renamed as ‘Hercules’. After almost 5 years repair and restoration by Kees and his volunteers, final approval was given by the Dutch steam authority on Augustust 4th 1983. A successful trial followed shortly after.

On January 21st 1985 the foundation Stichting Calorische Werktuigen was founded and the steamtug ‘Hercules’ was given in management to this foundation.

The 'Hercules' berthed alongside in her homeport Schiedam, the big challenge for Kees and his volunteers begins.  (Click on the photo for an enlargement)

It seems very simple, you buy an old tug, restore it and go ahead proceeding. However, as from 1979 until now many jobs have been done and it’s never ready. Below a brief summary of the jobs been carried out.

The future

Of course in the future many jobs will be carried out to make sure this special steam tug remains operational:
  • Reconstruct small anchor davit
  • Reconstruct 2 davits with lifeboat on superstructure
  • Replace a steam generator and the steam firefighting pump in the engineroom
  • Repanneling and refurnishing the crew’s quarter in foreship
  • Reconditioning of steeringgear engine
  • Renew lower mast with gaff
  • ...........etc, etc..................