Ship's log 2018

(the) Past matters....


Lloyd's is attending to indicate which rivets are to be removed from the "Goudvisch" boiler for the magnetic particles survey. The men can get busy. Four rivets are removed from the front and six from the longitudinal seam, where after Lloyd's is revisiting to test the condition of the metal. No hair line cracks are detected fortunately and we can resume with re-assembling. On board the "Goudvisch" itself one is working on the third bottom plate. A piece of the forward bulkhead is cut out to create an inspection manhole. The boiler supports are being prepared.

The brakes of the winches of the Heibok4 are sent to Drie-D for a reconditioning.

The January storms did fortunately not affect our fleet and not in the last place because of the recently renewed mooring lines to the shore.


Riveting tools are borrowed for riveting the boilers of the dredger “Friesland” and the “Goudvisch”. After rivet hole inspection by Lloyd's, rivets are allowed to be re-riveted.

In the paint store on board the “Heibok4” additional shelves and cabinets are made for orderly storage of all equipment.

The winch brakes of the “Heibok4” are collected at Drie-D. With lots of thanks for their sponsorship.

On board of the “Goudvisch” new frames are made fit for use in the coal bunkers.

With deep regret we receive the news about the decease of Henk van Duuren, owner and captain of the ss “Maarten”.


For a while already one is working on a movie about 40 years “Vereniging Stoomvaart”. For this purpose the film makers are recording a small part in the Voorhaven. The movie will be showed during Dordt in Stoom and is available on DVD thereafter.

The advantage of cold weather is used to remove the layer of tar from the bow of the “Goudvisch”, whereafter it is brushed and a layer of Owatrol applied on. Besides lots of welding a start is made with the bulkheads of the coal bunker.

The gasoil tank of the “Argo” is taken care of.

A freshwater pump is installed on board the “Heibok4”.

With regret to mention that Hans van Knotsenburg passed away. After a chance meeting in 2000 he joined us regularly and runned the engineroom with lots of joy. Hans recorded 2012 by Omroep Zeeland


The aft anchor fairlead on the “Heibok4” is cut off with a torch, a raise is made under it, a bit and an anchordavit on top of it. The forward winch exhaust steampipe is replaced and a new exhaust steampipe is made for use on the piling winch. The starboard ventpipe in way of the piling winch is shifted. This way the piling winch can be operated more easy.

On board of the “Goudvisch” the forward bulkhead is replaced and fastened. Same for the engineroom bulkhead.

The engine of the “Hercules” is washed. The main steam engine is covered with a tarpaulin whereafter a start is made with touch up, undercoating and finish coating of the engineroom skylight.


During the preparatory stage towards the event “Dordt in Stoom” our female volunteer Marianne is interviewed and being photographed for a loose supplement in the AD newspaper about women in the world of steam.

From the heritage of Kees Jongert a steam engine for the “Goudvisch” is purchased, what with the support of the van Baalen family is collected from Medemblik, for which thanks!

With the “Heibok4” in tow we are departing for Dordrecht. Because we are using an opportune tide and have to wait for a bridge opening we unfortunately miss the premiere of the movie “40 years Vereniging Stoomvaart”. We do see with full enthusiasm passing by the “Dockyard III”, the former “Gebroeders Bever”, which was made ready for Dordt in Stoom by volunteers in record time. Realy quite an achievement! During the evening we are participating the fleet parade wherein the “Jan de Sterke” takes the “Heibok4” in tow. On Saturday and Sunday we are doing the round trips the whole day. Because as a crewmember you do not see so much of what is going on shore, we are trying to go ashore alternately, as it must be enjoyable and not look like a job. During Saturday evening we are watching the short version of the “Vereniging Stoomvaart” movie displayed on a sail in the Wolwevershaven. We are going homebound without rush on Monday morning.


We are joining a new event, Stoom op Scheveningen. On shore one can see steam engines, crafts, steamrollers and small steam. Together with the “Furie” we are to visit and to look around at the jetty and it is enjoyable crowded.

Coal is bunkered and during that moment when for this purpose the “Hercules” is on the opposite side, volunteer divers of the fire brigade are searching for the lost propeller of the “Kleppie”. Unfortunately they are called for duty before they can find something.

The second voyage this month is heading for the Havendagen in Terneuzen where the “Dockyard V” and the “Volharding 1” are present as well. During the fleetparade we are trying to impress with our firefighting pump. It is not quite nearing the volumes of the pumps of the Multraship tugboats, but what is impressing is the thumping sound of the pump. After the fleetparade we are assisting steamcolleague “Volharding 1” from the Schelde suffering a main engine breakdown. A new part of the Havendagen is sloop rowing of which we are escorting vessel. Because of this we are heading for Breskens Sunday morning early. We are escorting a ladies rowing team and are observing and admiring their efforts, what an achievement! When we are heading back to Schiedam on Monday, it is for a long while uncertain if we can enter the Voorhaven. Due to an oil spill in the Botlek area various ports have been closed by oil booms. Just upon our arrival fortunately another vessel is escorted outbound by the RPA, for us using the opportunity to proceed to our berth after a great but exhausting event.


On board of the “Goudvisch” a start is made of the first boiler support. The last remains of tar are removed from the underwatership. That this, despite of protecting measures, is a not so good idea during the sunny weather shows out the swollen and thick eyes of some volunteers the next days.

On the head of the Maasdijk at the Koninginnebrug a monument for former employees of the shipyard Gusto is unveiled. On request of the organisation we sound our ship's horn.

Also this year we are present during the "Hardzeildagen" in Veere as start and finish ship. Did the last year “deliver sailing race” go by very rainy, this year was characterized by lack of wind. Volunteer Martin is joining as a skipper on board of one of the participating sailing boats and they even are among the winners. A special end of the event was our participation to the musical performance of the “4tuoze matrozen” (virtuoso sailors), wherein an attempt was made to create an ensemble between song and steam whistle.


We are heading , without tow this time, to the Vestingdagen in Hellevoetsluis. Kees, of the spits “Clemens”, joins during the voyage out and he likes to throw some coal in the furnaces. Earlier this month the men of our foundation did assist him under tropical conditions to remove an engine out of his boat. During Saturday and Sunday we are doing round trips together with the “Dockyard V” and the “Volharding 1”. Even the little tram from the very beginning is there.

Quite unexpected we play a small part in a real movie. For the Hollywood movie Lyrebird, being about the master forger of paintings Han van Meegeren and playing during the liberation in 1945, use is made of our “Hollandsche boat”, mooring boat “Argo” and Beenhakkervlet “Kleppie”. Together with Kees and Wout these are adapted to 1945. For the men it is becoming a long day with lots of waiting especially.


It's time again for the gas survey and the installation is modified to comply with the actual regulations. Bas is assisting to replace parts of the wheelhouse door frame in a professional way. In the Spuihaven all mooring jetties are renewed and although it is work like the devil to get it on board, in the course of the days three loads of fire wood are delivered. Our volunteer Dennis is getting married and as a surprise the “Heibok4” is towed to the Florijnhaven. Together with a large part of the brown fleet they form a festively background scenery at the wedding location. A banner is unveiled on behalf of the foundation whereafter the bridal couple lets the horn blow.

During the Brandersfeesten the “Argo” is assigned as a “sag boat” escorting the swimming tour as well as a tugboat for, what appears later, the winning creation of the yacht club of the Nieuwe Haven. With some efforts the old watertank is hoisted out of the living quarter of the “Heibok4”. Electrician Rik did arrange pouring water from the stern tanks, what a luxuary.

On board of the Goudvisch a part of the aft deck is removed by drilling out rivets. Next to the new bottom some bad spots are remaining what are taken care of.


With the “Hercules” we are participating the 39th Furieade in Maassluis. Mrs van Lier was invited to join during the outbound voyage. She is a heritage consultant and captain Kees wants to have an exchange of ideas with her about all the rules what concerns him for the future. Engineer Dennis is running the engine room alone and Eline is having a look if she can be of assistance. That sounds familiair… She appears to be a good apprentice and is even allowed to operate the engine under strict supervision of “foster”brother Dennis.

The boiler of the “Heibok4” is fired up wherafter the outside is applied with a layer of coating. Due to the fact that the boiler is hot the coating can penetrate and dry very well. All winches are greased and can run meanwhile. The deck in the galley is checked, chipped and coated with Owatrol by John, whereafter it is painted with finish green. Rik is working on an oil pressure alarm on the “Argo”. The board of the foundation is visiting a ship yard to discuss drydocking for the “Heibok4”. The bok do need it but in addition it is required for the CVO survey. Because of the towing of the pontoon during the Canal Parade we are donated with various tools from mr Veth, what is accepted with thanks.