Ship's log 2018

(the) Past matters....


Lloyd's is attending to indicate which rivets are to be removed from the "Goudvisch" boiler for the magnetic particles survey. The men can get busy. Four rivets are removed from the front and six from the longitudinal seam, where after Lloyd's is revisiting to test the condition of the metal. No hair line cracks are detected fortunately and we can resume with re-assembling. On board the "Goudvisch" itself one is working on the third bottom plate. A piece of the forward bulkhead is cut out to create an inspection manhole. The boiler supports are being prepared.

The brakes of the winches of the Heibok4 are sent to Drie-D for a reconditioning.

The January storms did fortunately not affect our fleet and not in the last place because of the recently renewed mooring lines to the shore.