Ship's log 2021

(the) Past matters....


With a hobby all about steam everything comes alive only when there's a fire in the boiler. This way it is difficult, after a season without steaming days and very few prospects towards an event, to stay encouraged. But like everybody else we are keeping hope for a better future back to "normal" slowly. The boiler survey has been scheduled and one is working hard to prepare everything for this. After a thorough inspection by the Lloyd's surveyor the boilers did pass the survey for another two years.

Aboard the "Goudvisch" one is working on the outboard condensor pipes.


Aboard the "Hercules" one is reassembling after the boiler survey. All valves and fittings are fitted back. The fire grids are replaced in the boiler by sight. The drain pipe is partly renewed. The bottom of the boiler is coated with a layer of apexior nr.1.

After the condensor pipe for the "Goudvisch" has been fully welded, it is hammered empty and flushed whereafter it is pressure tested by air. Hereafter it can be mounted to the hull. A piece of shaft is cutted and two flanges are made. The flanges are spotwelded to the shaft, welded full, lathe machined and scoured, whereafter we have an intermediate shaft. The foundation of the thrust bearing is made and predrilled. Everything is assembled and aligned. The main engine pump is disassembled further. A new high pressure piston rod is made in the lathe machine.