Ship's log 2017

(the) Past matters....


The major part of this month is highlighted by the bi-annual boiler survey. The upper manhole cover on the Hercules is removed and cleaning is carried out around the steam manifolds. The pipes are cleaned and the furnaces swept. Valves are checked and overhauled. The boiler of the "Heibok4" is as good as ready sofar and requires vacuum cleaning only. Lloyd's is visiting and the boilers are passing the survey successful. A warm survey will follow later. The safety valves are re-assembled and new fire barriers are build.

On the last day of the month we are visiting our main sponsor "Nolet Distillery" with a big part of the volunteers. We are getting a view of the inside of this nice family company. After the welcoming reception accompanied with coffee and "mill cake" in windmill "The Nolet", we are getting a guided tour in which a visit to the one and only "Ketel1" ofcourse can not be lacking. Dennis, who was not allowed to join during our first visit in 2008 because he was too young, can throw a scoop on the fire.


After the boiler survey the re-assembling can start again. The feed water non-return valve is remounted to the boiler. Sight glasses are equipped with new packing and all pressure gauges may be reconnected. The fire grids are rebuilded. On the "Heibok4" all (manhole)covers are closed and the boiler is pressurized with compressed air. Unfortunately the manhole cover continues leaking so this exercise must be repeated.

We are attending the annual meeting of the "Vereniging Stoomvaart" what is taking place in the locomotive shed at the "Stoom Stichting Nederland" in Rotterdam.

Incidentally Vincent is passing by with his "Polaris". The deck is cut open whereafter his old fuel tanks are removed.

The stern of the "Kleppie" is lifted out of the water because its propeller is entangled with a rope. One is commencing to make a new smoke box for the piling boiler.


Once upon a time...there was a wooden steering wheel getting dusty in a basement for decades. Fred was offering to restore it and after lots of hours of work it can be recollected. The hub is adjusted by "Nisse" and a new washer is made. Some of us will miss the old iron steering wheel after more than 30 years.

It will be clear that boilers are not growing on trees anymore, but we did find a boiler for the "Goudvisch". With the assistance of "F&L Powerrental" it is transported from the Westland to Schiedam. Time will tell if the boiler is approved again by Lloyd's. It appeared by the way that it came from a similar boat so it would be nice if everything will succeed.

The "Vereniging Stoomvaart" celebrates its 40th anniversary and to honour this the members can invite their volunteers to join the paddle steamer "Majesteit". About 170 men/women are travelling from all over the country to Rotterdam for a beautifull evening tour through the ports. It is resulting in an enjoyable evening with thanks to the "Vereninging Stoomvaart" and the Key family.

After another non-calculated hours of work finally there can be trialed with the "Argo". "Kleppie" is swinging in action as well when someone with his yaught needs a tow inbound. Our men are willing to help ofcourse and to attend to this.